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The Lippens Keyboard offers consistent scale patterns and chord shapes, comfortable fingering options, and a smaller octave span. It facilitates improvisation and playing by ear and allows transposing without a change of fingering which promotes “Interval Awareness”. With the Lippens Keyboard it is easier to teach, learn, and play. What you see (and hear) is truly what you get.


Product Features

The Lippens Keyboard defaults to a high quality grand piano voice and has jacks for sustain, headphones and audio out. We also include ports for USB and MIDI to enable use as a MIDI controller. The keyboard features removeable touchplates to mark specific keys or sections and ships with additional colored touchplates.

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As a classically trained pianist, the Lippens keyboard helps me visualize jazz chords – it helps me think in shapes and really get a sense of the patterns that different inversions of seventh chords all have in common.

Janna Pelle

If I were to start over again, I would choose a whole tone six-six keyboard.

Anton Rubinstein

The whole tone keyboard will take over the world in 50 years time.

Franz Lizst

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